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An Attorney Who Holds Negligent Attorneys Accountable

When you entrust your legal problems to a lawyer, you trust that they will act ethically, responsibly and justly. This is not always the case, though. Just as there are some negligent people in every profession, there are also negligent attorneys.

If a lawyer’s negligence has caused you harm, then I can help you hold them accountable for their actions. I am attorney Daryl G. Hawkins, founder of The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC. For more than 30 years, I have provided knowledgeable and caring representation for clients who suffered legal malpractice. I will work alongside you to help you recover compensation for your damages.

What Counts As Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice occurs if an attorney breaches their duties to you and this causes you harm. Some frequent indicators of malpractice include:

  • Failure to meet a deadline
  • Failure to correctly interpret and apply the law
  • Failure to communicate with the client
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract

Sometimes, attorneys lose their cases. This does not necessarily indicate negligence. To learn whether you have an actionable legal malpractice case, contact The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC for a consultation.

Experience Is Absolutely Crucial

Legal malpractice is a very niche legal field that requires a very experienced lawyer. I have handled numerous professional malpractice cases of various types, securing successful outcomes for my clients. In 2018, I even won a landmark case that changed South Carolina Law. State law now allows plaintiffs who were not clients of a lawyer to sue the lawyer for negligence. You can rely on my in-depth knowledge of this practice area to help you with your case.

Many legal malpractice lawsuits do not turn out the way you hope in district court. If you need to appeal a court verdict, I can represent you.

Hold Negligent Lawyers Accountable

Unethical attorneys should face accountability. You can contact The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC today to take the first steps toward holding your negligent attorney accountable for their actions. To schedule a free initial consultation with my firm, send me an email or call my Columbia office at 803-594-8177.