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Seek Compensation After A Surgical Error

When you undergo a surgical procedure, you place your life in the hands of your surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff. Even a minor procedure can have devastating consequences if one of the professionals who owes you a duty of care behaves negligently.

If you have suffered harm due to surgical negligence or another form of medical negligence, you should know that you have rights. You can contact an attorney to help you seek compensation for your damages. I can help you. I am Daryl G. Hawkins, the founder of The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC. For more than 30 years, I have advocated for the rights of those injured by a surgical error.

What Are The Most Common Surgical Errors?

Every surgery is unique, as is the surgeon and the patient. However, some forms of surgical negligence seem to occur more often than others. Some of the most common forms of surgical errors include:

  • Operating on the wrong part of the body
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Administering the wrong medication
  • Administering the incorrect amount of anesthesia
  • Failing to sterilize instruments
  • Leaving a piece of equipment inside a patient

Be aware, though: not every mistake indicates medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is when a professional with whom you have a relationship as a patient fails to adhere to the established standard of care.

More Than $50 Million Recovered For Clients

As an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, I know how to carefully gather evidence to build a conclusive case. In my 30-plus years of practice, I, along with co-counsel and partners recovered more than $50 million in compensation for South Carolina victims with serious injuries and fatalities related to medical malpractice. You can rely on me to investigate your situation thoroughly and fight tirelessly for maximum compensation.

Schedule A Free Consultation

You can ask me more about surgical errors when you schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at my office. To contact The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC and schedule your appointment, call 803-594-8177 or send me an email. I am ready to help you.