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Skilled And Caring Representation After A Truck Accident

Experiencing a crash involving a commercial truck is terrifying. Because of the large size and weight of trucks, the injuries that result from the crashes are frequently severe. The damages from these injuries can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After a serious accident involving a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, a personal injury attorney who has handled numerous cases can assist you in recovering compensation. I am Darryl G. Hawkins, the founding attorney of The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC in Columbia. I am proud to represent clients throughout South Carolina who need the guidance of an attorney after a vehicular accident.

Third-Party Liability: What To Know

Accidents that involve commercial vehicles often have complicated issues regarding liability. Often, there are three or more parties that may be liable for the incident. These parties could include:

  • Trucking companies
  • Truck drivers
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Cargo loaders
  • Cargo manufacturers
  • Maintenance companies

Determining liability requires intensive research and dedication. Having handled numerous cases that involved complex third-party liability issues, I know how to address these cases. I will use all the tools available, including expert witnesses, accident reconstruction and security footage, to determine the at-fault parties in your case.

Don’t Talk To Insurers—Talk To A Lawyer

Before you talk to a representative from the trucking company or the insurance company, talk to a lawyer. Why? Because trucking companies and their insurers will do everything possible to avoid paying a claim, even when they are at fault. They send investigators to the site immediately to collect information that may hurt your case. They will try to minimize their own accountability and put the blame on you.

Get The Representation Of An Attorney Who Cares

I will stand alongside you at every step, working steadfastly to attain compensation. Contact The Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC today to schedule a free initial consultation where we can discuss your circumstances. Reach my firm by calling 803-594-8177, or you can send the office an email.