Could slip and falls in nursing homes be the silent danger to loved ones?
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Could slip and falls in nursing homes be the silent danger to loved ones?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

People want to believe that nursing homes are safe environments for senior citizens. Abuse and negligence at nursing homes are serious issues in Columbia, South Carolina, and the rest of the country. Researchers found that nursing homes lie about major injuries to keep their quality rates.

The national-level assessment of nursing homes

Nobody wants to hear a loved one had a nursing home injury, but it’s worse to never hear about an injury. The first nation-level assessment on nursing homes self-reporting major injuries reveals unsettling data. The CMS uses the self-reported major injury fall rates to measure the quality of the nursing homes. The researchers found that nursing homes underreport the number of major fall injuries. The Medicare hospital admissions and residents’ assessment data showed that nursing homes only reported 57.5% of major falls.

Statistics of major injury falls

Researchers analyzed 100% of major nursing home injury falls in the hospital admissions claims. The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review had 150,828 fall claims from January 1, 2011, to September 30, 2015. The researchers checked the data against the major fall injury statistics of the nursing home self-reported MDS data. The MDS data creates the quality measure for nursing home star levels. Only 57.5% of claims went to MDS. 62.9% were long-term stays, and 47.2% were short-term stays. 59% of the MDS claims were white, and 46.4% were nonwhite. Long-term white stays were 64.5%, and short-term nonwhite stays were 37.4%.

Protecting star ratings

There aren’t many correlations between claims-based on falls and the quality measure star ratings. The MDS patient safety indicator determines how safe a facility is for residents. Around 75% of nursing homes have a four or five-star quality measure. About 35% of nursing homes have a four or five-star rating. Underreporting falls will help their quality measurement, but there are many other factors for the star rating.

Slip and falls in nursing homes are dangerous, and data suggests that nursing homes don’t report all falls. The star rating isn’t as affected by just major falls. The nursing homes are misrepresenting themselves on resident safety. Some researchers say claims-based measures may be more accurate than MDS-based patient safety indicators.