Warning signs of neglect in care homes
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Warning signs of neglect in care homes

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Residents of assisted living and nursing homes are among the most vulnerable people in society. They rely on others to help fulfill their basic needs. Many times, they lack the faculties to manage their own medications or affairs because of their advanced age, disability or both. Unfortunately, neglect and abuse exist in nursing homes in South Carolina and across the country. By being aware of the warning signs, family members and friends can help protect vulnerable people.

Kinds of nursing home abuse

Abuse in assisted living and nursing homes can take several forms. One of the most common is when caregivers simply neglect their charges. They may take steps like putting two adult diapers on one person in an effort to change them less frequently. However, this can lead to skin issues and bedsores.

Not all abuse occurs at the hands of caregivers. Sadly, there is resident-on-resident abuse in some of these facilities. This can be physical or sexual in nature. A well-staffed home with good supervision may be able to help prevent some of these nursing home injuries.

What to watch out for

Warning signs of abuse can include reduced mobility and increased confusion in your loved one. A foul smell suggesting they have not been helped after relieving themselves is also a signal that something may be wrong.

If you believe that someone you care about has been abused in a nursing home, it’s vitally important to contact a lawyer. Attorneys advocate for their clients and act a voice for people who struggle to advocate for themselves. A lawyer may be able to help you pursue a negligent facility and collect damages related to a nursing home abuse case.