Road safety initiative seeks to reduce motor vehicle accidents
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Road safety initiative seeks to reduce motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

The South Carolina roads can be dangerous with the potential for an accident at any time. This can impact anyone including drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Despite technological advancements and attempts to enhance safety, there are inevitable challenges on the road that will continually crop up. That includes weather, distracted driving, recklessness, speeding, drivers who are under the influence, and drowsy drivers. Even with people being aware of their surroundings, a crash can occur without warning and cause catastrophic injuries and death. This is true even with state authorities seeking to improve safety. After a collision, people should be cognizant of their rights.

SCDOT creates policy to make state streets safer

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is moving forward with its “Complete Streets” program for bicycle riders, pedestrians and public transportation. It intends to focus on these vulnerable people to keep them safer. Initial statistics from 2020 alone show that pedestrians and bicyclists are notoriously at risk for injuries and death in accidents. There were 14 bicyclists bicyclist fatalities and 180 pedestrian deaths last year. The goal of the plan is to increase accessibility on state roadways and provide riders and pedestrians with sufficient room to move safely and without fear of being a victim of an auto accident.

Safety measures aside, people are still in jeopardy

These attempts to improve safety are notable and positive steps. Still, the mere fact that this is a prominent issue in the state shows the level of risk faced by people every day. A person who is not protected by a vehicle of their own – as is the case with a bicyclist or a pedestrian – can suffer long-term damage and even lose their lives in a car accident. Even those in a vehicle of their own are not immune. Spinal cord damage, brain trauma, broken bones, lost limbs and more can result. This inevitably leads to massive medical costs, lost income and pressure on loved ones who are tasked with providing care. A fatality causes emotional, personal and financial concerns. Understanding how to recover compensation is critical.

Those injured and family members left behind should consider their options

Even with these safety initiatives, the reality is that their implementation will not prevent many motor vehicle accidents. People who have been hurt or had a loved one die in a crash should consider how to pursue compensation for all they have lost. Gathering evidence and assessing the circumstances of the case are fundamental factors that should be prioritized. Having legal assistance from a firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents can be essential from the start.